The dividing line between professional and personal life becoming increasingly blurred


46% of Canadian employees are occupied with their personal affairs in the workplace and 51% are occupied with their work in their private life. This is what the recent Global Monitoring study found, conducted among 400 Canadian employees by Randstad. Focus on a phenomenon with multiple consequences.

The advent of new technologies has undeniably changed professional and personal habits: online conferences, webinars, virtual classes, email accessible on smartphone, telework, online shopping… Employees are now facing all their obligations anywhere and at any time.

Availability and reactivity

71% of Canadian workers receive work related calls and emails outside their working hours and 61% during their vacations. They are interrupted during their free time and are bound to be available – 46% have a personal smartphone while only 15% have one which is purely for work. 43% of respondents in the Randstad study feel uncomfortable if they do not respond to interruptions immediately. Paranoia or realism? 36% of employees have an employer who expects them to be reachable at all times.

Finding the balance

As highlighted by Randstad, this overlap between private and work related spheres has negative consequences – absenteeism, tardiness, reduced performance, work overload… Employers and employees now need to find the balance between work and personal responsibilities, both for better productivity and for well-being.

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