Articles by Catherine Martellini


Content Marketing… Just As Good For Recruiting!

Content marketing is becoming more and more THE way of generating new customers online. But, it can also be used to attract the best talent. Here is how.

Good to know

What are the Costs of a Bad Hire?

You spend hours flipping through resumes, interviewing countless candidates and training them once the final choice is made... It can be a long and expensive process, especially if the candidate is quickly let go or leaves shortly after being hired. But what are the true costs of bad recruitments, and how are they calculated?


HR and Big Data: How to start?

Big data is revolutionizing the world of human resources just as much as social networks revolutionized communications. And such a revolution cannot be accomplished overnight. Companies and recruiters who manage to be well prepared and find solutions that are tailored to their needs will lead this technological shift.


HR: Big Data to the rescue!

Big data. The new recruiting buzzword. As a matter of fact, its use is much less common than one might think. “So what gives?” with big data in recruitment, asks comedian Yvon Deschamps. A two-part series on the issue. 


How to recruit productive employees?

Finding the right employee is often as difficult as finding a soul mate. Since love at first sight is typically not a valid factor in the recruitment process, here are some creative ways that promote the hiring of productive employees. 


The secret behind effective virtual teams

Researchers have found the key to explaining the dynamics behind virtual teams. The team members must be willing to continuously to work together and find advantages in terms of their personal development.  


A short guide to severance pays

You lay off an employee and are wondering if your severance package is up to date? Here are some trends in severance pays.


The art of the hackathon Ready or not, hackathon!

Hackathons are increasingly popular, notably for recruiting the sharp young minds in the information technology industry. But how does one organize a hackaton that will yield results?


How to detect mental illness?

According to a Health Canada report, 1 in 10 Canadians showed symptoms of mental illness in 2004. And 30 per cent of Canadians aged 25 to 44 years old are likely to be affected by its symptoms. network