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Compassion fatigue : Say yes to empathy at work … in moderation

Far from being simply a virtue, according to professor of management Adam Waytz, being too empathetic at work can be counterproductive. Take compassion fatigue into consideration. Nobody questions the importance of putting others first. This quality is essential in meeting clients and as much in employee management—without even taking into account that it promotes a […]

Rights and labour standards

Fired in an cavalier way? What happens next?

There are tons of stories of getting fired offhandedly. When this situation happens to us, we can ask ourselves what is our recourse and how far can businesses go. Exploring the issue. Regardless of individual or massive layoffs, it is always possible to do it by the book. But what are these concrete rules? Golden […]

Good to know

The Secret Powers of Routine

Blamed for having detrimental effects on all sorts of things from relationships to our jobs, routine is often perceived as the enemy of change. But is this really true? A Danish study reveals the extraordinary role that routine plays in organizational change.


7 Human Resource Trends For 2017

What will the world of human resources talk about in 2017? The human-machine collaboration? The end of open offices? Our forecasts.


Review of Hirings and Layoffs – December 2016

Review of Hirings and Layoffs - December 2016


Time To End The Impractical Employee Manuals

A boring succession of political and empty phrases about the mission of the company... The employee handbook should reflect the company’s culture and flavour as a way of enticing a new employee to want to be part of the organization. Here's how to do it.

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HR: Professionals Full of Confidence

A new US study found that young professionals working in HR are particularly confident in their jobs. HR: a profession of the future? Here are the study’s highlights.


Before You Get Rid of Your Annual Evaluations, Read This

A new Australian study has shown that annual evaluations still hold value in the workplace and it would be unwise to get rid of them. Here are the study’s highlights.  


Have You Considered Surveying Your Employees?

Sites like allow employers to survey their employees to, among others, get a feel for their morale. What are the right questions to ask?

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Read This Before Offering A Management Position To A ‘Talent’

We tend to believe that any ambitious and talented person must eventually become a manager. However, this is not always the best use of this talent for a company. Some elements to reflect on about talent management policies.  


What Does it Really Mean to Have a “Culture of Excellence?”

Patty McCord introduced a culture of excellence at Netflix. This makes for a successful business, but at what price? An overview of Netflix’s internal policy, with all its demands and responsibilities.


Variable Compensation: A Trend To Follow?

Variable compensation is part of a company's tools to meet the salary expectations of its employees. An overview of the approach that has recently been discussed in a Quebec HR Congress. network