Content Marketing… Just As Good For Recruiting!

Content marketing is becoming more and more THE way of generating new customers online. But, it can also be used to attract the best talent. Here is how.


According to Wikipedia, “Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers.”

This definition can just as well apply to the recruitment of new employees. After all, without job descriptions, business ‘Career’ sections, employee referrals or job posts, presenting a simple job application would prove impossible. Here are some approaches for your hiring strategy.


1. Select the right person to create content for

Even if the content aims to recruit candidates, recruiters and HR specialists are not necessarily the best in creating interesting content. According to the Recruiter's Guide to Inbound Marketing written by American Matt Charney, from the Recruiting Daily blog, the stories of internal experts on a specific topic are what attracts applicants. Almost half of Glassdoor’s members consider the opinions and reviews of a company before applying. It is therefore necessary to first find the right people within the organization who can talk about their area of ​​expertise, and second, ensure that this content be published in due time.


2. Target, and adapt, to your audience

Before even thinking of creating content, you have to know what it is that needs to be addressed. What are your candidates’ motivations? What types of messages do they find relevant? How can you best reach out to them? You cannot standardize content for all types of jobs or for all career levels. Think of information which cannot be the same for a candidate that is advanced in his career as it would be for someone whose career is in its infancy. 


3. Create compelling content

First, job descriptions should easily attract candidates. That part should not be what gives you a headache. There’s no rule that says your offer should act as a sleeping pill. Drop the official lingo and conservative demands. Rather, adopt a conversational tone, one which focuses on what can make the ideal candidate standout.

Following that, other types of content are well known to work. The Esprit brand marketing blog [] provides proven strategies. The case studies experts are a good example, as they demonstrate the expertise of your employees. The ‘best practices’ content and blogs also help position your organization as an expert in the industry. Videos of employees are quite popular in many areas of ​​employment. Just think of big brands like Google or Apple, which advertise their members’ testimonies across YouTube channels.


4. Find the best means to promote and distribute

Where is your target audience? Would you like the content to be in your career section, on your social media profile or on business rating sites like Glassdoor or Ratemyemployer? Will you launch an advertising campaign? All these questions are critical in reaching the desired target. It is important to also remember that various types of content can be used at different stages of the recruitment process, each specialized for a particular target.

For more information on content marketing, the Quebec book Guide du marketing de contenu – Du journalisme de marque à la publicité native: pourquoi et comment transformer une marque en media, written by Pascal Henrard and Patrick Pierra, is also a valuable tool for your strategic planning in the age of web and social media.

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