How to recruit productive employees?


Finding the right employee is often as difficult as finding a soul mate. Since love at first sight is typically not a valid factor in the recruitment process, here are some creative ways that promote the hiring of productive employees.


1. Meet-up agencies for employees

Matchmaking agencies are great for finding that rare gem. The eHarmony dating site has understood this and now plans to embark on this sector. The principle will be the same as dating; algorithms that suggest profiles that match the expectations of the recruiters, and vice versa.


L’Entremetteuse, an agency based in Quebec that specializes in the recruitment of talent in the areas of marketing communications and entertainment, also offers this type of service and even organizes events that allow recruiters and potential candidates to informally meet.


2. Game testing

Psychometric tests are already a thing of the past. Video games such as not only allow you to assess the cognitive abilities and memory of the candidate, but also his propensity for taking risks.


3. Active employees: a fertile solution

According to a study by the Yale School of Management, a candidate that has been referred by one of the company’s best employees is likely to be 25% more productive. An effective way of getting this information? Internal ads or questionnaires sent to employees that will help find that choice candidate.


4. The employability score

A potential candidate’s talent could be analyzed through online tools. That's what Gild, the start-up specializing in recruiting developers, is trying to accomplish. Recruiters often accord too much importance to past experiences and education. The algorithms developed by Gild eliminate human bias by replacing it with other more objective factors, such as the types of sites the candidate uses, the types of computer languages he masters, etc.


5. Proven responses

Conventional interview questions aren’t able to provide sufficient information on the candidates since they can often master the art of persuasion without telling the truth. A good way to counter this is to directly test the candidate on any major element, such as honesty.


For example, if a candidate states that he knows all keyboard shortcuts, the best way to know this for sure is to ask him to do. This simple test could make all the difference in application retention., an American recruitment agency, has also estimated that honest employees actually remaining 20 to 30% longer in the office.


A productive employee is the key to the business’ success. It is therefore imperative that all recruitment techniques be given some attention.


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