A summary of businesses that hired or laid off employees during May 2017.


The McGraw Seafood company, in New Brunswick, not only secured 150 jobs by modernizing its equipment and expanding its plant, but also created 50 new positions in its seafood processing plant.



Azur subway cars are a great success, and Bombardier’s plant at La Pocatière has had to hire 150 more workers to support the necessary pace of production.


Sherweb, a company in Sherbrooke that specializes in cloud computing solutions and data hosting, is locating in the metropolitan region, helping with creation of 200 new jobs.



Things are looking up at the Commission scolaire des Phares after years of belt-tightening: professionals, support staff and new teachers will be swelling the ranks of this Lower St. Lawrence school board with 30 new jobs.



Montreal, video games capital? Even more so with the new contribution from Guy Laliberté, who co-founded (with a former Ubisoft member) Reflektor, a multiplatform creation studio (video game and film and television content). The studio will hire 150 people over the next 18 months.






Investors Group is eliminating about one hundred jobs across the country, including 30 at its head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The financial services firm did not specify what types of jobs are being eliminated.



Bombardier’s decision to outsource its IT services to IMB will let the company reduce its costs, but also results in hundreds of jobs lost in Canada.



OEM Cisco has experienced declines in revenue over the last six quarters in a row and has to let go some of its workforce: this month it announced the abolition of 1,100 positions.



Ford, the American car manufacturer, also made some gloomy announcements in May about its personnel. This means that 1,400 people in North America and Asia will see their jobs sacrificed at the alter of profitability and cost reductions.



The Resolute sawmill in Quebec is resisting the lay-offs necessary in the current environment to deal with the countervailing duties imposed by the government by deciding to only temporarily lay off or postpone hiring of 1,300 people.


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