A Review of Hirings and Layoffs for July 2015

Our monthly review of the businesses that have hired and fired labour during the month of July.



ScreenHunter_514-Jul-30-10-17.jpg1. By next spring, the Technicolor Montreal studio will add approximately 180 positions to its roster as it continues its expansion in the metropolis. The French company will then have 1,000 employees.


2. The federal government has announced that the Canada Summer Jobs initiative is expected to create over 850 jobs in Manitoba, including 310 in Winnipeg alone, positions predominantly occupied by students.


3. In Rivière-du-Loup, an investment of $45.9 million means more than 40 new jobs at Premier Tech Inc., a company specializing in technological development in many areas.


ScreenHunter_515-Jul-30-10-23.jpg4. The staff at Lisi Aerospace in Montreal will grow by a hundred: the Canadian subsidiary of the French company announced this summer the creation of a new production line for the manufacture of aircraft parts and aeronautical equipment.


5. Canada Post did its best to limit cuts: the organization will relocated between 40 and 50 mailmen into their software offices in the Saguenay region, while its residential mail delivery service hangs in the balance.




ScreenHunter_516-Jul-30-10-33.jpg1. We do not know where exactly, but we do know that 7,800 people will be losing their jobs at Microsoft in the coming months, mainly in the telephony sector.


2. The Canadian grocery chain Sobeys plans to cut 1,800 jobs by the end of 2016 when it closes several distribution centers throughout the country.


3. The U.S. food giant General Mills will eliminate up to 725 jobs as part of a new restructuring plan to accelerate its international growth.


4. Co-op Atlantic has been placed under the protection of the Company’s Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) and has announced restructuring measures including the closing of four stores and the layoff of about 400 employees.


ScreenHunter_517-Jul-30-10-35.jpg5. Over the next 12 months, the Loblaw grocery chain will close 52 stores across Canada, a measure aimed at increasing operating revenues. The number of employees affected by this decision is yet unknown.

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