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Taleo goes public

This initial public offering, announced in March 2004, is the result of a carefully crafted plan:

  1. Replacement of the name Recruitsoft by that of the milder and less restrictive name Taleo in March 2004.
  2. Acquisition of a recruitment management solutions publisher for PME (Recruitforce renamed Taleo Business Edition) in March 2005.
  3. Louis Tétu, one of the two founders, steps down from his position as CEO to be succeeded by a “senior” from PeopleSoft (Michael Gregoire) in March 2005.
  4. Replacement of the logo and Internet site at the beginning of September 2005.
  5. Taleo becomes a public enterprise, known as TLEO on the NASDAQ, at the end of September 2005.
  6. 7 million stocks at $14 each were put into circulation making a total of $94 million. It remains to be seen how this fresh cash will be used.

See the news releaseSee the stock course


Workopolis proposes its job offers via RSS

What on earth is RSS? Relatively Simple Syndication. A complicated way of naming a somewhat simple concept. It is in fact a file (XML) which updates in real-time and which automatically picks up either titles or entire text from a news website, from a blog or from a job site. The content (in stonewalling terms, the RSS flow) can then be posted under the form of clickable links on a third web page or by specialized software (an aggregator).

The craze for blogs tends to “popularize” this way of receiving information. Several job sites across the world have already shifted to this method. Workopolis is the first in Canada. With the population of Internet users familiar with this system still being rather weak (we are talking about less than 4% of Internet users) there is no guarantee that this alternative to sending job offers by email will impose itself.

Faced with the continually growing difficulty for job sites to send job offers to candidates via email due to numerous junk-mail filters, it is evident that a viable alternative would be more than welcome. It is too soon to tell if the RSS will become more accessible to the point of becoming such an alternative.



Fidoreality 2, Steve makes way for Nancy

Strong success met with the first version of the site fidorealite.ca, and turned “Steve” into a star, Fido Solutionswith the help of its loyal agency TMP Worldwide, tries the same again for the autumnal recruitment wave.

The potential candidate is invited to discover, this time through the eyes of “Nancy”, the same position of customer services advisor which “Steve” has occupied since March 2005. It seems “Steve” has been promoted to the Collection of Client Accounts department, in order to demonstrate the possibilities of rapid advancement. “Nancy” has been recommended by “Steve” who has therefore likely benefited from the internal recommendation bonus…

Same posts, same scenario, same virtual visit of the two call centers but in the eyes of a woman this time.

When will the “Fidostory” version connected directly to the call center 24/7 via web cam will appear ?

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