Review of hirings and layoffs – December 2018

Here is a review of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in December 2018.


The consulting firm Accenture announced in late November 2018 its intention to create by 2020 no less than 800 new positions related to the digital economy. The company, present in major Canadian cities, has 5,000 employees.

In Trois-Rivières, the new technology solutions firm Noovelia, created following the merger of Epsilia, Pluritag and Divel, intends to “play in the big leagues” and hire between 150 and 200 new employees over the next 5 years years. The new company specializes in innovative technologies for the 4.0 manufacturing sector.

With an investment of $ 2.2 million from the Government of Canada, Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Center for Nuclear Innovation in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, will create 50 new jobs in nuclear research. This investment will enable the company to improve its “Innovation” wing in order to develop innovative uses of nuclear technologies, particularly in health and agriculture.

Ford automaker will install a new research center in Kanata, Ontario. Covering an area of ​​40,000 square feet, this center will accommodate 300 new employees specializing in engineering, starting in 2020.

Artificial intelligence is the future … Does anyone doubt it? In early December, the Government of Canada announced investments of nearly $ 6.3 million to support six Greater Montréal artificial intelligence companies. This financial support will create nearly 1,000 quality jobs.


The news has had the effect of a bomb: General Motors will close 5 factories and lay off 14,000 employees in Canada and the United States. In all, the automaker will reduce its payroll by 15%, and by 25% the number of its executives. The company wants to save $ 6 billion through this restructuring, which will enable it to “accelerate its transformation”, notably by investing in autonomous vehicles.

Can we talk about a Christmas miracle? In Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the ServiCom call center declares bankruptcy and is laying off nearly 600 people, just weeks away from Christmas. Two weeks later, a turn of events: an Illinois company, Marlowe Companies, takes over the activities of ServiCom and announces that all employees will be rehired

Tenaris Algoma Tubes, a steel pipe manufacturer in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, announced the layoff of 90 employees; 78 of the 450 employees of the company will lose their jobs before the holidays, the others will continue to work until January. United States tariffs are among the reasons for these layoffs.

The press giant Thomson Reuters announced in early December, it will cut  3 200 jobs worldwide by 2020, or 12% of its workforce. The company’s decision is part of a plan to reduce expenses.

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