Report on Hires and Layoffs – January 2017

A review of the companies that have hired and laid off employees during January 2017.


Online commerce doesn’t only destroy jobs, it also creates them. For example, when Sears Canada opened two new business centres, one in Edmunston and one in St-Jean, New Brunswick, it needed to hire 540 new employees who will be committed to online services  (Link in French only) .


LM Wind Power, a manufacturer of wind turbines, will create 265 new jobs thanks to a $5.7 million dollar investment from the Government of Quebec. We hope that this financial boost will help this innovative industry that is struggling to take off. (Link in French only)


Millennium 1 Solutions, a firm that offers consulting services to businesses looking to outsource, chose Sudbury as the location for their new call centre and in doing so, created 250 to 350 jobs in the mining town.


The Government of New Brunswick, perhaps following the lead of the federal government, is going to invest approximately 272 million dollars in infrastructure by renovating Highway 11. No less than 2,500 people will be employed to complete the work. (Link in French only)


In Gaspésie, 110 entrepreneurs are forming a united front by investing $5,000 each in the Economic Development Fund (FIDEL). The goal: create 100 jobs for the next generation of entrepreneurs and for existing companies. (in French only)



The Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ) announced that they would be “restructuring their administration” in order to reinvest savings in a price reduction. The result: 190 positions will be axed, positions filled by professionals, technicians and executives, that is to say 10% of the SAQ’s workforce.


Agropur and Saputo decided to follow suit with what was being done “in the rest of Canada” and make cuts to their Atlantic sales and merchandising team. The result: 346 layoffs. (Link in French only)


Sobeys will be changing its pharmaceutical suppliers in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. In the short term, 26 employees of Lawtons, the current supplier, will lose their jobs. However, the new partnership with McKesson could replace these jobs. (Link in French only)


There is a new wave of layoffs in the nuclear sector. Cameco, a company based in Saskatchewan must once again layoff 120 employees in the following three places: McArthur River, Key Lake and Cigar Lake.


Employees at the GE plant in Peterborough, Ontario noticed a drop in orders but were not expecting such significant cuts. Management announced the dismissal of 150 employees out of a total of 520

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