How to write magnetic job descriptions

It’s quite common to think of job searches as a candidates responsibility to successfully make a good impression through their resume and cover letter. What if recruiters were also subject to certain criteria in order to convince the cream of the crop to join their ranks? Here is crucial information to be included in any job offer so as to attract a maximum number of competent candidates.


  • Stay objective

Even by fishing for the best candidates, it’s important to never use ads as decoys in the hopes of attracting the biggest fish in the sea. Rather, the idea is to transmit a complete and accurate company portrait.


  • Consult your colleagues

When drafting an ad, it may be wise to conduct a small survey in the department where the post is to filled so as to better understand the expectations to be met. In this manner, the information is accurate and, ultimately, the description includes the most pertinent and interesting details.


  • Everything is in the title?

When reading the title on any given post, the candidate may or may not bite. It’s therefore imperative to find a catchy title that corresponds to the function. If possible, avoid extended job titles.


  • Clear and concise

Make sure candidates can quickly identify whether or not they possess the right skills and qualifications that are required to join the team. Do not beat around the bush. The key is to directly announce what you are looking for in a candidate while making sure that you are offering essential information like the function’s description, the portrait of your company and the salary being offered, as those are elements that candidates attach particular importance to.


  • How to apply?

Deadline, resume, cover letter, references, etc. Be sure to clearly indicate the procedure to be followed when applying for your offer. Feel free to play with the layout to highlight important elements in your ad.


  • Legal specifications

Pay special attention that no discriminatory reference be included in your job post. That means no mention of gender, age, sexual orientation or pregnancy.


  • Watch your language

From spelling to the way you communicate, make sure that your ad is coherent and not riddled with errors.


  • On target

Target those websites and publications that your ideal candidate would consult. Finally, make sure your ad is worded so that it is effectively indexed on search engines.

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