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Career management

Retirement? Why Not Continue Working?

Why not keep working when retirement isn’t an option in your financial plan or part of your goals? André Hétu—Director of the Association Midi-Quarante and specialist in career transition and management for people older than 45—explains why we should. “I’ve never dwelled on the idea of retirement and still don’t. My 65th year was meaningless to […]

Job posting

How to write magnetic job descriptions

It’s quite common to think of job searches as a candidates responsibility to successfully make a good impression through their resume and cover letter. What if recruiters were also subject to certain criteria in order to convince the cream of the crop to join their ranks? Here is crucial information to be included in any job offer so as to attract a maximum number of competent candidates.

Call to order

19 Percent of Employees Have Acted Against Their Will

Intimidation, abuse of power, blackmail... Pressured by one of their colleagues, nearly one in five workers in Quebec (19%, to be precise) has admitted to having, at once point or another, taken decisions that went against their own values.

Good to know

What’s Increasing Employee Turnover?

According to a recent study by Penna Plc, a Human Resources firm in the UK, the lack of prospects and opportunities within a company is the primary factor that drives employees to resign.


Recruitment, a matter of cultural compatibility?

Several studies have shown that the more alike candidates and their potential employers are, the more likely they are to land a job. How much cultural value should new employees share with a company? 

Good to know

They would resign at any time…

Nearly two-thirds of Canadian employees would be willing to leave their jobs at any time without a single ounce of remorse. Yet more than half of them believe they have the perfect job. Why think about divorce when things are going well?


Interview with Julie Hubert, founder of Workland

On the web since January, Workland wants to "revolutionize" online recruitment by measuring the degree of compatibility between a company and its candidates. An interview with Julie Hubert, founder of this new web platform. network