Unfortunately, Your Application Has not Been Accepted

In recruitment, many are called and very few chosen. Rejecting an application has to be done using best practices to preserve the ego of unsuccessful applicants, but also to preserve your employer brand. Here are some good practices when responding to a rejected application.

Nothing obliges you to contact rejected applicants, but as an employer you will gain a lot by treating them with respect and consideration, at all stages of the recruitment process:

  • confirmation of receipt of the application
  • explanatory letter when the candidate is not qualified for the position;
  • explanatory letter when the candidate is not selected after a first interview;
  • phone call and explanatory letter when the candidate is not selected after a second interview.

How can you justify a rejection?

It is probably the most difficult thing to do at this early stage of recruitment because you don’t know very much about the individuals involved in the process. If you have a phone conversation, you will certainly be asked for explanations. Also: 

  • avoid talking about the selected candidates’ qualities;
  • content yourself by recalling the qualities and skills of the rejected candidate by arguing that it was a difficult decision to make;
  • invite them to apply again when there are openings in your organization;
  • thank them and wish them success in their efforts.

The employer’s image

Remember that the job market is increasingly competitive and that an attractive image will favour applications by the best candidates. In fact, you need to see your recruitment process as a mirror of your work environment. Your way of attracting them, meeting them and then announcing your decision is therefore crucial and says a lot about your company.

The reputation of an employer or organization is built by past employees, current employees and potential employees. “The candidate experience” must therefore be taken seriously, especially in this time of social media. Not only did candidates spend hours refining their application, documenting your activities and preparing for the job interview, but they will certainly follow you on their networks…

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