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How to Conduct a Behavioural Interview

This type of job interview is gaining in popularity. It lets the recruiter identify the future behaviours of candidates in a given situation, based on his behaviour in past situations. How do you prepare for a behavioural interview?  Its growing popularity stems from the fact that the behavioural interview is the most effective way to […]

Company life

9 Out of 10 Employees Go to Work Even If They Are Sick

Aches and pains, a bit feverish and congested? Whatever, you managed to get out of bed and get to work, like 90% of employees surveyed by Accountemps in the fall of 2019. What drives this presenteeism and how can it be countered? The main reason respondents gave for their presence – rather than staying in […]

Rights and labour standards

Wages: More Transparency by Employers?

Wage transparency is a global trend that will become increasingly present in organizations of all sizes, particularly as a result of the new provisions of the Pay Equity Act. How can you adapt to this as an employer, manager or human resources specialist? “Transparency is becoming essential, not only because the law requires it, but […]

Jobs search

Reasons for the Restaurant Labour Shortage

Chefs, cooks and other professionals in the restaurant field are rare. The stakes are high, with about 30,000 positions that will not be filled in Quebec by 2030, according to HR Tourism Canada. The reasons involve both society and the restaurant industry itself. Demographics and tourism The restaurant sector mainly employs young people, sometimes part […]

Not to be missed

Recruitment and Labour Scarcity: Strategies

Do you have vacancies but cannot attract enough candidates? Maybe you need some recruitment strategies. Here are some suggestions to attract future employees. Your employees as recruiters This is a neglected source that can prove to be a winner. “As an employer, you have to help your employees help you recruit,” explains Stéphane Simard, CHRP, […]

Company life

Unfortunately, Your Application Has not Been Accepted

In recruitment, many are called and very few chosen. Rejecting an application has to be done using best practices to preserve the ego of unsuccessful applicants, but also to preserve your employer brand. Here are some good practices when responding to a rejected application. Nothing obliges you to contact rejected applicants, but as an employer […]


Urgent Needs for IT Talent!

A specialist in technology projects, cybersecurity or cloud computing… you could well be the rare gem sought after by 62% of Canadian technology companies that are considering boosting the size of their staff in 2019. The results of a survey conducted by the Robert Half Technology recruitment firm also reveal that 85% of companies are […] network