Essential personality traits for HR staff

The world of human resources is changing fast. To meet new expectations, HR departments must be made up of people who have certain traits. What are they? Here is a brief overview.

In a company, the role of the human resources professional is often at the heart of decisions. “A HR manager is really an integral part of the company’s management. This is why we talk more and more of a business partner,” explains Dina Bela Medeiros, Director of Human Resources for the AJW Group. To be successful in this major role in an organization, certain personality traits are indispensable. What are they?


Regardless of the company, the primary quality of a HR manager is the ability to adapt to different situations. Priorities change, managers are always different and techniques are never the same, so it’s essential to be conciliatory. “It’s a question of overall flexibility, so that the person is able to respond well to the company’s request,” says Dina Bela Medeiros.


Since the HR profession is human by definition, situations are rarely all black and white. For Dina Bela Medeiros, creativity lets a specialist propose solutions which sometimes are unconventional while respecting the laws and collective agreements.

“It’s about thinking beyond what’s put on paper, outside the box,” she adds. Often one problem is connected to another and the policies and collective agreements do not necessarily take that into account. For example, a lack of performance at work may in fact be connected to absenteeism or a relational problem.

Team spirit

“To carry out your mission well, you have to be able to work as a team,” says the HR director. Indeed, since he is acting within a service department, the HR manager must be easily approached. People need to be able to come to see him or her with confidence. The HR manager must also be able to integrate into the different teams.


Dina Bela Medeiros believes these personality traits are innate, they are not taught. “It’s not like a technology – obviously they can be developed or deepened with experience or training, but it’s not possible to learn them from scratch,” she concludes.

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