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Why Do People Commit Fraud at Work?

Have you ever pinched some stationery from work, or some coffee, because you had run out at home? These frauds are common in the office. What makes an ordinary citizen suddenly become a fraudster? In the office, certain acts that might seem harmless turn us into fraudsters. Although these are not crimes per se, frauds […]

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The Benefits of Hiring a Person With a Mental Health Problem

A new report from the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) reveals the gains employers can obtain when they hire a person with a mental health problem. What are they? It’s a reality – people afflicted with a mental health illness are often excluded from the job market. For these people, the unemployment rate fluctuates […]

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Social Profiles have Become as Important as a CV

When seeking a job, having an online profile has become indispensable. Some recruiters even consider it as important as the resume itself. Is this the end of the traditional CV? “The biggest mistake a candidate can make is to not keep his online profile up to date,” says Michael O’Leary, regional director at Accountemps in […]

Career management

Essential personality traits for HR staff

The world of human resources is changing fast. To meet new expectations, HR departments must be made up of people who have certain traits. What are they? Here is a brief overview. In a company, the role of the human resources professional is often at the heart of decisions. “A HR manager is really an […]

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How to instill agility in HR services

Human resources have every interest in participating in this movement of business agility, which promotes innovation. But how? Flexibility, improved teamwork and increased productivity – the agile approach has many advantages. Philippe Mast, CHRP and co-founder of the CORTO.REV recruitment firm, considers this approach to be “self-learning and innovating”. He believes the agility we are […]

Rights and labour standards

How to Prevent and Manage Long-Term Absenteeism

An increase in disability cases, ageing workforce, multiplication of absences for mental health reasons… How to prevent and manage long-term absenteeism? Expert advice. The costs related to absenteeism and long-term absenteeism represent 20% of a company’s payroll, estimates Daniel Leduc, CRIA and lawyer in employment and labour law at Norton Rose Fulbright. “When a company […]

Company life

The Office Layout that Promotes Collaboration

We know that office design should be a priority for human resources. Are you trying out the open area experience? Go ahead, but not any old way! Office layout must be done intelligently by involving employees. Advice for an effective transition for an office layout that promotes collaboration. Lighted spaces with informal synergy, open area offices […]

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Using HR Data to Play a Strategic role in the Organization

Leveraging information collected from employees lets human resources play a strategic role in management and the organization. How to transform this knowledge into business intelligence. “We can become very creative in the type of data that a human resources manager could explore in view of improving employee management practices,” explains Antoine Devinat, CHRP, psychologist and […]

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The Art of Regaining Control of your Job Interview

When the recruiter doesn’t ask questions that let you highlight your strong points, how do you turn the job interview to your advantage? Tips. An ability to engage or collaborate, a sense of organization and a spirit of initiative are all important assets for a company. Even though as a candidate you have these valuable […]


The art of constructive criticism

Although not always easy to formulate, criticism, when it is constructive, lets your colleagues know aspects of their work that they could improve. For constructive criticism, the keywords are trust, preparation and collaboration.


How to retain a talent who wants to leave the company?

A good staff member wants to leave the company. How can they be persuaded to stay and and a counter-proposal formulated?


Required skills: when it’s too much (or too little)

Recruiters sometimes throw themselves into it when they write up a job offer, specifying a host of criteria sought, numerous assets and long experience. The result: fewer irrelevant CVs... but is it really a sensible strategy? network