Don’t let this happen to you: Robert Half’s recruiting videos


Recruiting firm Robert Half has launched a “Don’t let this happen to you”* section on its website, featuring a bunch of funny videos on what not to do during job interviews.

The three videos available so far (in English with French subtitles) feature several scenes from interviews gone bad. The first, “Interview, Interview,” starts with friendly advice given to the candidate just before his interview: “Mimic all the interviewer’s movements—they love that!” The hapless candidate is shown following this advice to the letter for the next minute, followed by the tagline: “Don’t let this happen to you.”

The second video, titled, “In It to Win It” is presented as a sports commentary on a candidate who is asked to explain a gap in his resumé, and tries to do so with ill-conceived humour: “There shouldn’t be any gaps, because I formatted that pretty carefully,” leaving the interviewer perplexed and attracting the scorn of the commentators, Jean-Michel and Thierry. The final video, “Mime’s the Word,” is also about taking mimicking to the extreme, with the same conclusion: Don’t let this happen to you! Other videos should be launched in the months to come.

Their purpose is to provide candidates with light-hearted advice and remind recruiters of situations they may have experienced. They include links to more standard written career advice on the Robert Half site.

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