The Churn Rate – Challenge Number 1 in 2019

According to a survey conducted by the Morneau Shepell human resources company, reducing the churn rate by increasing worker engagement will be a priority for companies in 2019. Overview of this reality that affects many Canadian employers.

The survey found that one of the priority goals for Canadian companies is to succeed in attracting and retaining employees, a trend that is not likely to decline at the turn of the new year.

Conducted among 356 organizations across Canada, the study demonstrates that staff turnover has become a major concern for many companies. Of the respondents, 67% of human resources managers indicated they want to build an effective strategy that will increase engagement by their employees. The survey also indicated that 59% of them are seeking qualified workers.

Engagement to increase productivity

According to Hélène Marion, Office Manager at Conseil Teaminside Québec, an engaged and competent worker certainly represents an added value. “A good employee who stays on the job for a long time really brings more to the company,” she says. “He has knowledge of the product and ways to optimize it, and can train newcomers as well.”

The Morneau Shepell study also shows that Canadian employees are more likely to be motivated, and therefore more involved in their tasks, if they are supported and encouraged by a supervisor. Hélène Marion agrees wholeheartedly with this. “We keep track of their work, reward them with bonuses and benefits, and congratulate them by offering more responsibilities and more autonomy.”

Conquering the millenials

Increasingly present in the job market, young workers certainly have an influence on recruitment and retention practices. Millenials are generally recognized as being dynamic employees who love to get their hands dirty, but are often disinclined to remain for many years in the same company. “I don’t like these generalities too much, but what I see when I am looking for employees, and also with newcomers, is a need to grow, to be free and not spend your life working. So I set up more flexible schedules when possible, I allow working from home and I organize activities for team cohesion,” concludes Hélène Marion.

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