Canadian employees are disengaged

According to the “Global Workforce Study” by Towers Watson, Canadian workers are not engaged at work and feel unsupported by their company. Elements that have an impact on productivity

Towers Watson notes that companies around the world whose employees display a strong engagement record margins nearly three times greater than others. In Canada, 67% of workers are not fully engaged. Among those who are highly engaged, 95% believe they have all the professional tools and resources needed to achieve their goals (compared to 20% of disengaged employees); 97% manage to maintain a good energy level throughout the work day (compared to 32% of disengaged employees); and 99% are satisfied with their personal achievement (compared to 33% of disengaged employees).15617638-thb-2.jpg 

Decreasing productivity, increasing inefficiency, high rates of absenteeism, health care costs d

ue to chronic diseases and staff turnover are among the problems faced by companies with disengaged employees.
Towers Watson analyses three components of sustainable engagement: traditional engagement, that is, the willingness of employees to do their best for their employer, empowerment of the workforce, in other words, the tools, resources and support necessary for their effectiveness, and stimulation, a work environment favouring employee welfare. To improve their employees’ engagement, Canadian companies must work on these three aspects, which will also allow them to increase their productivity.

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