What are the Barriers to Recruitment in the Technology Sector?

Despite the fact the IT sector is booming and that there is a high demand for manpower, job seekers face many difficulties throughout the process.
What are the barriers to recruitment in the technology sector?

According to a survey conducted by the Robert Half Technology firm, the recruitment in the technology sector are often frustrating for applicants: 64% of those interviewed believe that the waiting time is too long between the interview and the final response, while 71% say they are prepared to wait at most two weeks before moving on to something else. IT managers (29%) also admit that the procedure is too long for their taste.

Companies also face obstacles

In the current information technology market, supply is strong and companies are confronting a manpower shortage. This survey found that for 30% of Canadian IT managers, the main obstacles to finding good candidates are not being able to offer the salary requested, the lack of qualifications (26%) and the fact that they are not seen as an employer of choice (22%).

“The more interminable or complicated the hiring process, the more job seekers will be likely to lose patience with the company and lose all interest in the job,”  explains Deborah Bottineau, regional senior manager for Robert Half Technology, in a press release. “Developing a strong recruitment strategy which includes a competitive and well-balanced compensation plan will keep talented candidates motivated and prevent them from looking elsewhere.”

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