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Resume: How to Reflect Your Intention to Take a Temporary Job

How to explain in a resume and cover letter the reasons for your decision to choose a temporary job for the time being, rather than aiming for a permanent position. Resuming your studies at the start of the next academic year, consolidating your professional experience in a given sector, having newly arrived on the Quebec […]

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Testimonial: I Chose to Work Part-Time and I Don’t Regret It

Having a part-time job is certainly a financial setback, but it is compensated by benefits in kind. Like Josiane Décoste, many employees choose to only work a few days a week to devote more time to their family or to parallel activities. For several decades, part-time work has been the preserve of women. According to […]


Temporary Work as a Way of Life – Testimonial

A decade ago, temporary work was considered as extra income for professionals seeking permanent employment. However, today it is for many workers an attractive way of life. Emmanuel Caron, financial planner, has chosen to be a contractor and has a hard time leaving this type of contract and giving up the many benefits that ensue. […]


Review of Hirings and Layoffs – March 2018

Here is a review of businesses that have announced hirings and layoffs during March 2018. Hirings 1. Parc Safari organizes two hiring sessions to fill vacancies during the summer season. Between 100 and 130 positions should be created as a result of these events. 2. Ubisoft, the growing video game giant, wants to hire […]

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What are the Barriers to Recruitment in the Technology Sector?

Despite the fact the IT sector is booming and that there is a high demand for manpower, job seekers face many difficulties throughout the process. What are the barriers to recruitment in the technology sector? According to a survey conducted by the Robert Half Technology firm, the recruitment in the technology sector are often frustrating […] network