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How do Recruiters Perceive Part-Time Jobs?

On your CV, you may have accumulated several part-time jobs. How are they to be made an asset for recruiters? “The fact of having had two part-time jobs certainly demonstrates the ability to manage a schedule,” says Michaël Jalbert, an employment consultant at Groupe Plein Emploi. “In addition, if you decided to take a part-time […]


How to recruit internationally

Sometimes you have to look a little further for talent. How do you find, select and hire a foreign employee? “All the leading sectors in Greater Montreal have major manpower needs,” says David Lebel, Director of International Talent Attraction at Montreal International. “IT, video games, aerospace… and more, with the economy doing well we can […]


The Art of Seducing Passive Job Seekers

If active job seekers take the lead and make themselves easy to find, the more passive job hunters are slightly harder to reach because they don’t have a structured approach. However, they make excellent candidates. How does one go about searching for them?


Do You Have A Map Of Your Skills?

With skills mapping, it is necessary to first distinguish between two types of competencies, each of which requires different treatment.


The Office Design Should Be A Priority For Human Resources

Why should your workspace design be a priority for HR professionals?


Your CV in 10 questions

It only takes up between two and three pages yet its appearance is constantly changing. Here are some tips from human resources professionals on updating your CV. 1. Should the CV be ordered chronologically or by competency? Matthieu Degenève, founder of l’Oeil du recruteur, answers, “With standard CVs, I prefer a mixed formula with information […]


A Professional Resume Written By A Professional

Finding a job requires knowing how to properly communicate your message. People are trained for it. Have you ever thought of paying someone to write your resume? Here are your options.

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What Older Workers Can Bring To Your Organization

Enough about millennials! There are many advantages to having older workers and, in turn, more experience in one’s organization. An HR manager and organizational consultant talks about the strengths of employing older workers.

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How To Prevent Divisions At Work?

It’s a scene all too familiar in work cafeterias: Portuguese, Asian, Quebecers… Everyone sitting at their own tables. Women together, men also... How to prevent such fragmentations and promote greater diversity in the workplace?


CHROs: What Are You Waiting For?

On connaît le CEO (chief executive officer), le CFO (chief financial officer) et le COO (chief operating officer), mais moins le CHRO… soit le « chief of human resources officer ». Pour jouer pleinement son rôle, la fonction RH doit trouver son chemin jusqu'à la table de décision. Voici comment.


How To Get HR To Think ‘Business’

It is the same criticism over and over again: the HR industry is too focused on internal politics, and doesn’t put enough attention on the company’s business mission. A guide for incorporating performance concerns into their agenda.  

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Recruiters, Don’t Overstretch The Hiring Process!

Too many companies forget this when trying to find that rare gem: if you don’t want a perfect candidate to slip away, it’s important not to overstretch the hiring process. A week after an interview, give them a sign of life! network