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Finding a job requires knowing how to properly communicate your message. People are trained for it. Have you ever thought of paying someone to write your resume? Here are your options.

“It’s nice to have the best skills in the world, but it is still the CV that gets you an interview,” says Guy Samson, President of ConseilPro, a staff reassignment firm. To make his point clear, he states that less than 10% of applicants are called in for an interview. Hence the importance of a carefully written resume.

From the moment you decide to use a professional to write your CV, the options vary substantially depending on the price you are willing to pay.


“Junior workers who have less experience and certainly less money to invest will usually turn to employment centres and other such kinds of resources for help,” says Matthieu Degenève, CHRP and founder of the site L’œil du recruteur.

That is indeed the starting point: there are employment counsellors in colleges, universities, and youth employment centres. They will not write the resume for you, but will help you organize its contents.


For a hundred dollars, you can obtain the services of a Certified Human Resources Professional, such as those at L’œil du recruteur.

The advantage: “CHRPs are best placed to know what a recruiter is searching for, because it is they who usually receive the applications,” says Degenève.

The basic package (which can be enhanced), however, remains limited. You submit a rough draft of your CV by email, and the CHRP enhances it to be ‘fluid’ yet ‘concise.’

The promise: “We are moving away from empty phrases and clichés, with the focus being on readability and seeking to generate an emotion in the reader.”

$200 or more

Besides the employment counsellors and recruiting sites, there is also the option of a staff reallocation firm, which offers a full range of services for resume writing.

ConseilPro, for example, offers a personalized approach to developing an application. The first step involves a meeting, either in person or by telephone, in order to understand a job seeker’s background and their career goals.

“It is not everyone who can sell well,” states Samson. “There are executives who only add titles of the jobs they have occupied.”

In this case, the firm will have them identify concrete skills and experiences (“I grew sales by 20%”) to enhance their CVs.

Supporting evidence

In 2012, the recruitment firm TheLadders conducted a study on the idea of ​​getting your CV written by a professional. Research has shown that those written by professionals appear “brighter” in the eyes of recruiters.

This is particularly important when one learns that the average recruiter spends 6 seconds on a resume!

Source :https://cdn.theladders.net/static/images/basicSite/pdfs/TheLadders-EyeTracking-StudyC2.pdf

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