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Hiring and Layoffs – November 2016

Hiring and Layoffs – November 2016


Hirings and Layoffs – October 2016

A review of the companies that have hired and laid off employees in October, 2016.


A Review of Hirings and Layoffs – September 2016

A review of the companies that have hired and laid off employees during September 2016.


Hirings and Layoffs – July 2016

A review of the companies that have hired and laid off employees in July 2016.


Leave Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to sleep in the comfort of a professional life. Here is how to avoid this trap and climb the ladder. 

Oddly enough

An original resume

Here is a resume that goes straight to the point, and  that points out on aptitudes aquired by the candidates.... a resume that simply plays its role! 


Layoffs and Hirings – April 2016

Hirings and Layoffs - April 2016


Lack of Civility: A Serious Reality

Gossip, a lack of collaboration, profanity, inappropriate attire… A recent CROP-CRHA survey has found that 1 out of every 5 human resources advisors saw an increase in incivility in the workplace over the past three years. 

Oddly enough

Working naked: a company strategy that pays off?

For one month, the employees of a small business in California experimented with working in their birthday suits. This piece of news, which spread across the web like wildfire, proved to be an April Fools’ joke. Here is why the hoax worked so well.


An Update On Wage Subsidies

Last fall, the Couillard government revised Emploi-Quebec’s rules for wage subsidies. Social economy enterprises were most affected, losing some of their rights in the process. Where do they stand now that a new budget is being released? An update on Quebec programs in terms of wage subsidies.

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Best Practices in Performance Reviews

According to a survey of the Association of Certified Human Resources Professionals, at least a third of employees have not had a job performance evaluation in the past year. Of these, 38% would like to have one. Here are some good practices for performance evaluations.


New Trends in Continuing Education

Online courses, customized seminars, academic microprograms… Now companies have access to a broader range of solutions for training their employees. Here is an overview of recent trends.

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