Technology – 93% of Recruiters Have Made a Hiring Mistake

All recruiters know that there is often a mismatch between the skills they are seeking and those that candidates possess. A new study from Robert Half Technology confirms it.

A very large majority of hiring decision-makers in the information technologies sector admit that they have made a mistake in recruitment: 93% have already hired someone who was not suitable. There may be competency problems (30% of cases), including since technical skills are the hardest to assess in interviews, according to 44% of the people interviewed, compared to 20% for general skills. Another obstacle is interpersonal problems (25% of cases). But the most common explanation is a problem of compatibility with the company’s culture (38%). Two-thirds of respondents believe that it is difficult to assess if the candidate will be able to adapt to it.

Hiring mistakes cost the company dearly, since the hiring process has to be started over. It also means a loss of productivity, since the person who does not fit the position is not as effective as they should be, and it affects the morale of the other team members.

5 tips to avoid making a mistake

1. To prevent this from happening, Robert Half Technology advises first to clearly define the needs with a precise job description.

2. Then, you should have candidates pass tests to assure yourself that they have the required technical skills.

3. The team must be involved in the hiring process and interviews for an assessment of interpersonal skills and the compatibility of the candidate with his or her future colleagues.

4. You may also have to compromise – in the technology field there is a shortage of talent. Make a list of essential skills and those that would only be desirable.

5. Finally, why not hire a contract employee before deciding to give him a full-time chance? You will then have the opportunity to make sure that he is a good match for what you are looking for.

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