Social media for dummies

A short clip on YouTube convinces recruiters of the benefits for companies of using social media.

Under the guise of a cartoonish video clip for children, "Using Social Media for Employment" aims to show companies the challenges involved in using social media for recruiting. The video amusingly makes the point that good old-fashioned recruiting methods (e.g. classified ads, job fairs, head hunters) have not changed since the 1960s.

“You see, a great resumé is. . . well, nice,” mocks the voice-over, “but you see, here’s the thing—60% of jobs come from networking. It’s all about who you know and who knows you.” Using easy-to-understand logic and childlike stick drawings, the video outlines the undeniable benefits of using of social media for finding the perfect candidate. Savvy job hunters are very active on these networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and the challenge is now for companies to be noticed by these companies—not the reverse.

The demonstration is irrefutable: these “super networkers” are up to speed with any information that could be useful to them in their job search. If companies develop a visible, effective social networking policy, they will attract the best talents.

The video is produced by Epipheo Studios for SilkRoad Technology, which specializes in talent management software. Once the demo is over, the clip ends with the company’s logo and the slogan “It’s easier than you think.”

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