Réinventer le management

Reinventing management

Modern management guru Gary Hamel presents his vision of human resources in a 15-minute video titled "Reinventing management for the 21st century," excerpted from a talk given at the University of Phoenix.

In the video, celebrated management thinker and MIX (Management Innovation eXchange) co-founder Gary Hamel makes the case for rethinking management for the 21st century, and why this is crucial.

First, he says, modern management was born at the junction of the 19th and 20th centuries, with tools and practices growing exponentially until the 1950s and remaining practically unchanged since then. In a world changing at warp speed, however, the main challenge faced by organizations is innovating to stand out from the competition, and the most pressing innovation involves modernizing century-old management methods.

According to Mr. Hamel, organizations that want to be viable in the future must involve their employees in decision-making and consider them as a driving force for change and innovation. For instance, he cites Vineet Nayar, the CEO of Indian IT services firm HCL, whose mantra is: “Employees first, customers second.” His ideas—closely related to the behaviourism of the early 20th century—bring a healthy breath of fresh air to the world of management, which is sometimes too focused on customer satisfaction, forgetting that this depends directly on employee satisfaction.


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