Retention – One Canadian Employee Out of 4 Looking for a New Job

According to a Randstad report, 25% of Canadian employees think that they will change jobs during the next year. The challenge of retention is still a crying need.

While the unemployment rate is low and quality jobs are proliferating, workers are increasingly free to change jobs as soon as they feel the need. This is confirmed by the Randstad 2018 annual report, which details the reasons why one Canadian in four is considering changing employer over the next year.

43% of them plan to change jobs because the opportunities for advancement seem limited with their current employer. It is the young people, unsurprisingly, who are most likely to raise this argument, and especially those with higher education. In a world of possibilities, not necessarily having known the precariousness experienced by their predecessors, many workers in the range of 25 to 44 years old deplore a lack of career prospects with their employer.

For the youngest employees, there is no question of holding down a job that does not provide any pleasure or satisfaction. Workers aged 18 to 24 are more likely than those over the age of 24 to leave their job due to a lack of interest. If there is no passion, there will not be persistence. To retain this generation, employers will have to be able to offer jobs in line with their interests and aspirations.

42% of those who envisage leaving their current job are not satisfied with their salary and believe they can find better at competitors. Most of them have a “medium” level of education, according to the report, which is based on a survey of a sample of thousands of people with a variety of profiles, fairly distributed across Canada.

Other Canadians foresee changing employer due to a lack of challenges in their current position, or to resolve problems of work-family balance.

What Canadian employees are seeking

Working for a company with a good reputation and getting a high salary seem to be the priorities of the employees surveyed. The Randstad report also points to their high demands in terms of work atmosphere, work-family conciliation measures and career advancement.

One interesting fact is that the need for change or a constant appetite for novelty is not a reason. If they were to find an employer that lives up to their expectations, it must be noted that these employees would be delighted to stay: 49% of them say they are looking for an employer that can offer a stable job.

The portrait of the ideal employer also includes an ability to offer flexible schedules and conditions. With this winning cocktail, no more employee retention problems!

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