Questions You Could Be Asked in a Call Centre Job Interview

Are you applying for a job at a call centre? Some current and former employees share some of the questions they were asked in interviews. Take notes!

“Sell me this pencil…”

…or this telephone, this printer, this chair! The idea is to take you by surprise and assess your sales instinct, your mood, your quick thinking. This type of question is more common for outgoing call centre jobs. “The first time I was asked to sell a pencil I was taken by surprise and didn’t know what to answer, but I was able to get by and make the recruiter laugh!” (Karolyna B.)

“Tell me about a situation where you had to deal with stress at work?”

It would be a good idea to arrive at the interview with a few example situations in mind. “It could be a particularly aggressive customer, for example. Or a mistake made, but handled adeptly.” (Amine H.)

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Of course, if you are a student, you certainly do not expect your long-term ambitions to evolve within the company. However, you could demonstrate a certain loyalty and committed spirit, determined to progress positively.

“Why did you leave your previous job?”

Once again, the employer here is seeking to gauge your level of loyalty and respect. Whatever you do, don’t talk badly about your last employer!

“How is your English?”

In sales or customer service, proficiency in English is important in almost all call centres because many of them take calls from across the country or even internationally. “It’s important that your actual level matches what you have put in your resume. Not being perfectly bilingual is one thing that works, lying on paper is another…” (Audrey-Ann L.)

“What do you know about our company?”

We often read that it is essential to be prepared before going for an interview, and it is precisely to deal with this type of question. “I was able to impress a recruiter by not only having a good knowledge of the product and the company, but by preparing additional questions to learn more about the information I had found. Twenty minutes of well-invested research!” (Martin M.)

These questions, and there could be many more, give a good idea of what to expect when you show up for an interview for a call centre position. The recruiter’s goal is to measure competence as well as motivation and general attitude. Good luck!

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