IT: Four questions you could be asked in an interview

Recruiters say it and repeat it: serious preparation leads to the best job interviews. Here are some draft answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for IT candidates. Take notes!

1. Tell me about a project that you recently improved in terms of quality, speed or efficiency. What did you learn during the process?
This type of question validates your technical knowledge and experience. Build on a recent example that showcases your main strengths. If you have already received congratulations from you boss for a particular project, now is the time to talk about it! Get straight to the point by setting out the facts in a simple and concise manner.

2. What was your greatest professional failure?
Here, the recruiter is trying to understand your personality better. Everyone makes mistakes, and there is no point hiding the difficulties you may have faced. Expose the situation without showing off and demonstrate how you coped with adversity: “A teammate pointed out a major bug in my code. We redoubled our efforts together to find a lasting solution to this problem.”

3. Tell me about the best team you have worked with. Why did it function well?
Teamwork is very important in the IT sector. The recruiter will probably want to check your abilities and interest in working in a group. Have you been a team leader? Have you helped implement an “agile” working method? Tell your story. You need to prove that you are an invaluable asset for an IT team.

4. What types of technology projects do you spend time on outside work?
Here is another revealer of your personality. Rest assured: there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer! That said, even if you are not steering a technology project outside the office, you absolutely need to have something to say. You cannot invent a project, of course, but consider linking your day to day activities with the skills sought for the position concerned. This is also where new graduates and inexperienced candidates can earn points: knowing, for example, how to use the skills developed in extracurricular activities.

In the interview, you have to sell yourself. Each question is an opportunity to prove that you are the best candidate on the market. Take advantage of it!

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