Google, the best place to work in Canada and the world

Great Place to Work 2014 sets an international ranking of companies where it’s good to work. It lists the organizations that offer the best conditions to their employees. Close-up view on the classification of Canadian companies.

Great Place to Work 2014, which surveyed over 6,800 companies from 52 countries to establish its international ranking, has set three rankings for companies in Canada. Employees were surveyed on 58 aspects of their professional life in the company. Questions were asked on their pride in working for their company, the atmosphere of harmony and the level of trust they felt toward their leaders. Companies’ efforts to create an employee-centred corporate culture, to invest in talent, to pay increased attention to employees’ individual needs and to practise open communication were also taken into account to establish the ranking. Indeed, studies show that Generation Y is no longer only for a job but an activity in which it can flourish and be proud in, which respects balance between work and private life and preserves health.

Multinationals: Google and AOL in the lead

In the category of companies with over one thousand people and multinationals operating in Canada, Google takes first place. The search engine creator group also comes in first place in the rankings of the best place to work internationally. The second place in the ranking of large Canadian enterprises goes to AOL Canada. It is followed by Intuit Canada, a company that specializes in information technologies that ranks third. NetApp Corporation, also in third place in the international rankings, and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Canada Corporation take 4th and 5th place respectively in this top 50 of large Canadian companies.

Among medium-sized companies with between 50 and 999 employees, 360incentives takes the gold medal of this classification which distinguishes a total of 50 Canadian companies. Habanero Consulting won the silver medal and Traction on Demand the bronze. These three medium-sized companies are all in the information technology sector. Environics Communications Inc., which specializes in personal services, takes 4th place, Vermilion Energy, in manufacturing, 5th place.

For businesses where women have the best working conditions, the rankings marked out 25 organizations. They have been recognized for their actions that let women advance personally and professionally and meet some challenges with which they are confronted such as juggling career and family responsibilities. Royal LePage Performance Realty, a specialist in construction and real estate, ranked 7th in the medium-sized Canadian companies, climbed onto the top step of this podium of companies favourable to employees. Vega, an agrifood manufacturing company, 6th in the preceding ranking, here comes second. Tri Fit Inc, whose business is dedicated to health care, takes 3rd rank. Finally, Wynford/Event Simple, comes 4th, ahead of Online Business Systems, which is 5th in this classification.

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