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Retention – One Canadian Employee Out of 4 Looking for a New Job

According to a Randstad report, 25% of Canadian employees think that they will change jobs during the next year. The challenge of retention is still a crying need. While the unemployment rate is low and quality jobs are proliferating, workers are increasingly free to change jobs as soon as they feel the need. This is […]

Rights and labour standards

A permit to be required for recruitment agencies?

To prevent “delinquent” agencies from exploiting vulnerable workers, the Couillard government wants to impose, in its bill on revising labour standards, the requirement for all recruitment agencies to obtain a permit. Some explanations. At this stage of the bill, its difficult to know what the concrete provisions will be. Without giving much detail, the Couillard […]

Not to be missed

Recruiting from a Competitor – Is It Ethical?

In some sectors where qualified labour is scarce, recruiting from a competitor is a necessity. Short guide on ethics to succeed in this delicate operation. Although many companies avoid recruiting from a competitor and have internal recruitment policies set up as a priority, this is not the case in certain industries where labour is scarce. […] network