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Rights and labour standards

Hybrid Work Charter: a compass for companies

Hybrid working has become more popular since the pandemic. To better regulate and optimize this practice, businesses can adopt a charter or code that clearly outlines expectations.   In order to regulate hybrid work, a form of organization that allows time to be shared between the office and home, many human resources experts recommend drafting […]


Spotlight on the “Great Resignation”

In the last two years, a phenomenon has shaken up the world of work in the United States: The Great Resignation. This trend, which is much smaller in Quebec, is reflected by waves of departures and career changes.     Coined by Anthony Klotz, a professor at University College London School of Management, the term “Great […]

Company life

Sexual and gender diversity: 5 tips to make workplaces more inclusive

Even though awareness has been growing in recent years, harassment in the workplace is definitely still there. According to a Léger survey, 35% of Quebecers have been subjected to at least one situation of psychological or sexual harassment in the last 5 years. Among LGBTQ+ people, this rate is 65%. Another vision is therefore necessary […]

Company life

How do you survive a toxic boss?

Your manager is always ready to criticize whatever you say and do. Your motivation is in free fall, and your performance suffers the consequences. How do you survive a toxic boss? In business, an inflexible person in a position of authority can cause a lot of psychological and social damage around them. They may not […]


Five questions before accepting a job offer

The job interview is often a stressful experience. Focused on the image that they wish to convey, applicants sometimes don’t clarify certain essential points. So, before accepting an offer, here are five questions that should not be ignored.  Is the company flexible? The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that many tasks can be done remotely. According […]


A review of hirings and dismissals – January 2022 – Employment still on the rise

The employment rate is on the rise again in Canada, according to data from Statistics Canada’s most recent Labor Force Survey, released earlier this year. The employment rate increased by 0.3% in December 2021, mainly in the goods sector. More than 123,000 full-time jobs were created, while part-time employment fell by 68,000. According to the […]

Company life

Working Part-Time and a Sense of Engagement: Mission Possible?

The sense of belonging in a company is often the most determining factor influencing employee motivation and performance. People who work part-time can also feel a sense of belonging, provided the company’s culture lends itself to it. According to researchers Liz Fosslien and Molly West-Duffy, authors of the book No hard feelings, the secret power […] network