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Career management

Balance your agenda…. to keep going

We are a generation that consumes life to the fullest, no compromise. We want a career, a family life, children and we want to keep a happy love life.  All that in 24 hours during which 8 hours are generally spent sleeping.  Result, we look at ourselves one morning, rings under our eyes, 35 years […]

Company life

From Colleagues to Friends

Why not make friends in the office  It improves team productivity and makes your surroundings more pleasant. If only there were good reasons to befriend our colleagues. Theory tells us to leave our emotions at the office door, but it’s more complex than that in practise.  Emotional ties inevitably create work problems.  So, how can […]

Company life

Office holiday party

Yes, the countdown has started and the end of year parties are overflowing our diaries.  Between the office holiday party and Aunt Annette’s there remain only a few time slots available to answer to the requests of our CFO who wants to finalize the budget for the end of the year! How do we stay calm […]


Being the Boss Is Too Hard

When we think about it, you really have to be rock solid or a bit of a masochist to become a boss. Talk about unlucky. 


Acknowledge Employees

Every manager’s management strategy should include acknowledgement, here is how and why.   


The Teamwork Paradox

Admit that we are not team workers, it is almost suicidal. Nevertheless, not many organizations preach this example. 


Slaves to the Schedule

Our agendas have imprisoned us and it is up to us to break free. 


The Joy of Management

If you are leadership material, nothing is more exhilarating than being the boss. 


Evil Recruiters!

Sometimes recruiters have a bad reputation, but here is their reality.  


Escaping Your Gilded Cage

Big salaries bring status, but that isn’t long-term compensation if we hate our work. How can we break out of this gilded cage?


Seeing Through a Job Offer

Know how to decode job offers peppered with vague messages.

Company life

Vacations : Time to relax and unplug from work

For some managers, vacations time can bring unwanted stress and be hard to plan. Let’s see how we can address this.  Extended vacations Too many managers only take a week off at a time because they fear taking three weeks or more in a row. While the “zero cell phone/portable computer” message is quite acceptable […]

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