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Oddly enough

Random draw at Peugeot: a car to reward work attendance

A draw organized to reward attendance at work is an original initiative launched in the Hordain plant. The draw has drawn the ire of unions and embarrassed management.


Alberta, Asie, Monster, Canada… buys Alberta brings down Canadian unemployment rate Labour surplus in Asia to keep an eye on attacked by hackers Cultural sector jobs booming in Canada

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To recruit young people, get off the beaten path!

The new generation of candidates currently arriving on the job market was born between 1982 and 1989. This means they were between 7 and 14 years old when the Internet began!


Jobboom, Monster Worldwide, Statistics Canada, Standout Jobs, Robert Half International

Jobboom overhauls its home page Monster Worldwide to axe 800 jobs 33% of professionals not interested their sector’s news Manufacturing sector lose jobs Standout Jobs announces $1.5 million in financing 90% of employees are satisfied with orientation programs Employment insurance a problem in Ontario

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One employer in three expects to hire over the next quarter The success of .job Stay-at-home dads: is this what men want? Launch of Taleo Enterprise Edition 7.5 Vurv announces record results for Q1

By the numbers

21% of employers have a strategy to keep their employees on longer as retirement looms

Manpower, the international placement agency, has just published the results of a major study on recruiting and retaining senior employees. 28 000 employers in 25 countries were polled to determine whether companies had set up specific strategies to recruit and keep on senior workers after the age of retirement...

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Working with You Is Killing Me

Working with You Is Killing Me The corporate world is well organized. Everyone has a role to play and all work toward achieving well-defined objectives: increasing sales, enhancing the margin, improving productivity, etc. Yet companies are above all made up of men and women who continually live and experience strong emotions

Call to order

China fingers McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut practices

Media in China’s Guangdong province have accused McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut of underpaying their employees. The three fast food chains are allegedly only paying their employees 4 or 5 yuans an hour...


Microsoft , CareerBuilder, Job discrimination, Canadian Army, Taléo, New-Brunswick…

Microsoft buys stake in CareerBuilder Job discrimination still going strong Great success for Canadian Armed Forces recruiting campaign Taleo creates an SMB unit

Oddly enough

Changing jobs every week

How does one go about finding the job one was meant to do? All of us have at one time or other asked ourselves this question. Sean Aiken, a 25-year-old new graduate from Vancouver, wants a quick answer...

Good to know

More than 44,000 participants in L’Oréal’s online business game

Each year, L’Oréal organizes the “L’Oréal e-Strat Challenge,” an online business game for students all over the world...


News Human Resources Canada April 207

Employment Websites Adopt a Code of Ethics The Inception of The Best Employers in Canada are... Freshens Up Google Flirts With Newspapers Monster’s Stock Falls 13.2% network