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Company life

Employers underestimate the challenge of employee retention

Four out of ten employees will most likely be seeking a job in the next year, but two-thirds of employers surveyed by the Robert Half firm are not concerned about retention of their workforce. Is there a problem? The Robert Half firm surveyed more than 400 Canadian professionals 18 years old and over, as well […]


What employees expect of a boss

To be a leader, lead by example, inspire… The expectations of today’s young workers about their boss are different from those of more experienced workers. This change in mentality is especially seen in the role of manager.


Diversity at work : the virtues of difference

In addition to fostering a more equal environment, companies that are open to diversity benefit not only from productivity but also in employee satisfaction. When diversity begets virtue...


The Manager 3.0 in the company of tomorrow

The digitalization of industries involves a reorganization of the world of work, new ways of doing things and producing. In this constantly changing world, the manager will have to come to terms with his new role, which will be crucial in the company of tomorrow.


What is affinity matching ?

It’s the turn of HR departments to use the “matching” principle from dating sites. This process takes account of a candidate’s personality, aspirations and talents... to find the employer for whom he will give perfect happiness.


Will chatbots be tomorrow’s recruiters?

Software robots that can carry on a dialogue with humans by automated conversations, chatbots could now help companies in their recruiting activities. Although they don’t interview the candidate directly, they can nonetheless participate in selection upstream.


5 ways to identify (good) future managers

Promoting an employee to an executive or management position is sometimes done with some doubts. Lou Adler, an American recruitment expert, offers some tips to know if the employee has “what it takes” to succeed.


In-Company Training that Achieves Results

Ensuring continuing training for your company's human capital is a sure way to maintain its leading edge and even its talents. But what types of training yield the best results? On-line or in-person training, at lunch hour? Here's a brief overview.

Company life

Are you starting to leave the cubicle?

Having become the ultimate symbol of the beige and depressed worker, the cubicle has lost ground to working in the open air. Even though, it is far from being the workplace’s Holy Grail, the cubicle is lacking for numerous office employees. Nikil Saval—author of Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace—explains in an interview in […]


Is Your Hiring Process Effective?

The interview process, response time, duration of training: sometimes it is hard to evaluate if your hiring process is profitable. To find out how effective it really is, ask yourself these five questions.


Hirings and Layoffs Assessment – February 2017

An assessment from the companies that hired and laid off employees during the month of February 2017.


Conducting a Background Check in 5 Easy Steps

According to a study done by the HEC Montréal, up to 60% of job seekers present misleading or fabricated information during the hiring process,. Recruiters use different background-checking techniques to identify those who have overstated their experience on their CVs. network