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By the numbers

Retirement postponed by 3.5 years

The working life expectancy of Canadians has been increasing for more than 10 years. This new indicator was identified by Statistics Canada using the data gathered in its Labour Force Survey, via a method similar to calculating a population’s life expectancy.


Wave of optimism for Canadian companies

Despite the new economic slowdown, the optimism of Canadian companies is high, a paradox highlighted in a survey published by PwC in early October.

Good to know

Work atmosphere is number 1 asset for attracting talent

A survey shows that a good work atmosphere is even more important to Canadians than salary and job security when seeking an employer. Taking stock of what drives talented professionals, from quality relationships to flexibility of obligations.

By the numbers

Three quarters of Canadian small business owners don’t have a succession plan

What will happen to your company when you retire? This is a delicate question for many small business owners, as revealed a recent study.

Good to know

A résumé that’s too good to be true…

Increased job duties, faked diplomas and altered employment dates... How reliable is the information on résumés? According to an OfficeTeam survey, it pays to be careful, with half of respondents saying they know someone who lied on their résumé.


When personality conflicts lead to failed hires

According to a survey, personality clashes ties and poor skills sets are major reasons for recruitment failures. An overview of what not to do, and the strategy for successful hiring.


Canadian Prairies rank favourably for jobs

Low unemployment, strong job growth across all sectors, growing productivity—the Canadian Prairies, led by Alberta, are ahead of the entire North American continent with respect to the competitiveness of their labour market. Taking stock of these new rankings.

Call to order

Stress, a disease like any other

Do you frequently visit your doctor? According to a recent study published by Concordia University, workplace stress results in increased visits to health care professionals. A closer look at the connection between prescriptions, the workplace and this 21st century ailment.

Good to know

Instant messaging expected to replace e-mail

Five years: that’s how long corporate e-mail is expected to reign before it loses its monopoly to quicker and more convenient real-time communication tools.

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