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Good to know

Winners of the 2012 prize for the Canada’s greenest companies

On April 20, Mediacorp unveiled the names of fifty five Canadian companies recognized this year for their efforts in sustainable development.


“CanadaWorks 2025: will Canada become the northern tiger?

In the "CanadaWorks 2025" study, published in early April, the HRPA and Deloitte read Canada's economic future. Between bad omens and hoped-for prosperity, the study takes stock of three probable scenarios for the future, the results of decisions being made today.

Call to order

OECD: equality is not yet the reality

Although many companies throughout OECD countries are now preoccupied with the issue of equality, there is still progress to be made. Here is an update on the situation in a few figures.


The new communication tools – practical… but risky

Efficient and always accessible, mobile communication tools have taken a growing place in the workplace. Progress that is not without risk for confidential company data.


Greener companies in a hurry!

Far more than simple considerations, the environment and sustainable development must lead to companies taking action. Alongside an in-depth rethinking of companies’ global functioning, a few efforts can start paying off in the short term.

Oddly enough

Coworkers. . . and potentially more if they “click”

Proximity and daily exchanges, common interests, shared ambitions. . . Regardless of why people fall in love, the workplace seems to be a good place to find it.

Call to order

Increase in number of working poor in Toronto

Being independently employed, earning a salary every month and yet living under the poverty line—it’s a contradiction that is an increasing reality for workers in the Toronto area, reported to be growing poorer at an alarming rate.

By the numbers

2012 salary increases: Europe lagging behind

As the euro zone crisis drags on, salaries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East will have a hard time keeping up with inflation. Canadian employees should fare better, with an average increase of 3.1%.

Good to know

Reasons for refusing relocation

Canadian research firm Ipsos Reid has just released the results of its poll on why Canadians refuse to relocate for work. Unsurprisingly, family and friends top the list.


The scoop on professionals’ satisfaction

A global survey released on November 17 details how professionals feel about their futures. An overview of the current situation, which ranges from satisfaction and optimism to caution.

Good to know

Growth: Optimism for 2012 and 2013. . . to curb depending on the province

The latest Provincial Outlook Economic Forecast released by the Conference Board of Canada indicates some optimism for 2012 and 2013. After modest growth this year, most provinces should benefit from an upturn.


Progress of Canadian firms as regards diversity

The majority of Canadians embody diversity—handicapped people, visible or ethnic minorities, Aboriginals and women—a reality which is not really reflected in the ranks of both the public and private sectors. Overview of the situation on differences at work, between HR policies and business strategies. network