Advantages of an immigrant workforce

Adapting to current demographic changes in cities across Quebec often means hiring immigrants. Opening the doors to this skilled workforce has several advantages. Some companies even bring in foreign workers when their industry is facing a manpower shortage.

The government has recently launched a program which aims to develop appropriate intervention strategies for an efficient integration of skilled immigrants into the Quebec labor force.

According to the campaign, called Un monde de talents pour performer, 62 percent of Montreal companies that have hired immigrants see its benefits. Employers value their staff’s knowledge of several languages and their willingness to work.

What more is that each country can have a different expertise. By hiring professional immigrants, businesses are successfully integrating hard-to-find skills into the local workforce. A culturally diverse personnel further encourages creativity and innovation.

The campaign also warns of Quebec’s vastly decreasing working population. “And who says fall in the number of workers says recruitment difficulties,” states the program.

Unfortunately, similar programs aimed to integrate immigrants into the workforce are being wiped out across the rest of Canada. The Financial Post recently analyzed the situation and found that the competition for the best and brightest talent is increasing worldwide, yet Canada is lagging behind.

While many industrialized countries are taking proactive approaches to bring in skilled foreign professionals, Canada is continuously making drastic changes to its Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The latest amended version now includes a $ 275 processing fee per application, along with new language and advertising requirements.

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