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How To (And Why) Calculate The Cost Of Absenteeism

The challenge in absenteeism in the workplace is not to convince employers that the phenomenon is costly. After all, 90% of them have already admitted that absenteeism was "very costly" for their organizations, according to 2015 report by Morneau Shepell.

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What About The 6-Hour Day?

In Sweden, companies have decided to reduce the day from 8 hours to 6 hours, while keeping employees at the same salary, hoping to reduce sick leave and increase productivity. It is a success in Sweden, but is it realistic in Quebec?


5 Ways of Improving Your Interviewing Skills

With the advent of big data within the hiring process, recruiters are now distinguishing themselves by their ability to gauge the character of an individual during an in-person meeting. Here are some tips for improving interview skills and finding that rare gem.

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What Motivates MBA Graduates

They are qualified, they are secure and above all, they are in demand. MBA holders do not have the same motivations, and attracting them to your business means you better get to know them.  

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Women: easier to manage than men?

A recent study reveals that women are easier to coach than men. They are more accepting of criticism, are more open to learning new things and follow guidelines better ... Still, does that make them better employees?


Think Small to go Big

Think big? Think again! Start-up companies will often address the issue of human resources in a creative way, focusing on employee autonomy, customer satisfaction, and social networks to share information. What HR lessons can we learn from start-ups?

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It’s hard out there for a Millennial

Often considered lazy, ungracious, entitled, and even disrespectful, Millennials have faced their share of preconceived notions.

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The skills gap remains worrisome

Canadians are worried. Very worried indeed. A recent Randstad Labour Trends Study reveals that 91 per cent of working Canadians believe that the skills shortages and skills gaps will continue to be an issue of importance for 2014. And the matter will only grow in importance as Boomers are preparing for retirement. Who’s to blame for the shortage?


Social Media at Work: Embrace it or Ban it?

For years, companies have blocked employee access to the Facebooks, Twitters and LinkedIns of the world. However, today’s employers are seeing social media’s benefits and are struggling with whether or not to limit it at work. To ban or not to ban? That is the new question.


Elections 2014: The Parties and their Job Promises

In less than a month, Quebecers will once again go to the polls with the task of electing the next provincial government. A quick tour of what the four major parties in the race are offering in terms of job creation in Quebec.


How to Reject a Raise Request Without Damage

As a Human Resources manager, you often have to deal with employees requesting a salary increase. How exactly does one decline an increase without running the risk of having employees pack their bags?

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Diversity in the workplace: an ongoing debate

Until recently, Garda World, an international security services firm, held a number of online job postings “for Canadian Citizens only.” The company soon withdrew these ads, but this event raises once again the issue of diversity management in the workplace. After all, integration starts at work. 

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