A Review of Hirings and Layoffs – September 2016

A review of the companies that have hired and laid off employees during September 2016.


  1. A new direct flight between Montreal and Shanghai created by Air Canada means there are now 200 new jobs in the Quebec air transport sector.


  1. Happy news for the Islet community: hospital bed manufacturer Umano Medical is modernizing its plant in Chaudière-Appalaches for $8 million, which will bring 120 new jobs to the region over the next five years.


  1. The opening of an Ikea pickup center in Quebec City last year was successful enough to convince the Swedish company to build a superstore by 2018. Projection: 300 new direct jobs and 100 indirect jobs.


  1. Canadian customer service and support business Transcom has the wind in its sails, and it is the Simcoe area of ​​Ontario that is receiving all the benefits. The Barrie office staff will double from 360 to 660 employees.


  In September, the prize for mass hiring undoubtedly went to McDonald’s. The fast food chain held its annual recruitment fair in Western Canada, with 1700 jobs to be filled.




  1. Solotech, which specializes in the sale and rental of sound and lighting equipment, decided to move away from transporting its equipment. Result: 21 drivers have been laid off; a subcontractor will rehire 15 of those left without a job.


  1. Due to a decline in sales, Canadian Solar has decided to lay off 130 employees. The Guelph-based company will now concentrate its efforts on research and development to boost its activities.


  1. Modernization is not always synonymous with job creation. Sandoz Pharmaceutical announced it will cut 27 positions and lay off 20 employees at its plant in Boucherville following the introduction of new manufacturing processes.


  1. Cuts in the upper echelons of Desjardins Group: 28 vice-presidential positions were cut in the wake of a restructuring plan to “lighten structures” and make the fund “more agile.”


  1. The TMX Group exchange operator announced that 10% of its staff will be laid off in the next nine months. The reason: “prepare the organization for the future,” giving it the flexibility “to grow and become more competitive.”


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