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Recruiting: Skills looked for by employers in 2023

While the world of employment today has to deal with a very present labour shortage and major recruitment challenges, companies are looking for the best talent more than ever. Which skills are most in demand by organizations in 2023? With the current business environment coloured by the lack of personnel plus retention difficulties, companies want […]


LifeWorks Mental Health Index: the important role of corporate culture

Mental health is a more important issue than ever for companies and their employees. Supported by TELUS Health, LifeWorks’ latest Mental Health Index survey reveals that workers’ psychological well-being is highly dependent on the quality of the corporate culture where they work. The survey published in August 2022 shows that the mental health of Canadian […]


Their career is no longer a priority for young people

Career no longer seems to be the priority for the majority of new generation job seekers. Work-life balance is now more important than ever, according to the recent Working Together survey, from the Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec (RJCCQ).   It is also one of the main criteria for both current employees […]

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How technology can motivate your teams

Enthusiastic and engaged teams are the benchmark of a healthy company. The use of technology has many advantages, such as contributing to staff productivity and increasing their involvement. How does technology benefit a company?  Email, connected devices, social networks and communication platforms of all kinds –  technology is everywhere in our lives. In a professional […]


CV: Should you emphasize your remote work capability?

This practice gained ground during lockdown, and has attracted many workers since then. Job seekers prefer to leave scheduled office hours for the flexibility of working from home. However, mentioning the experience of remote work in a CV is not common practice. Should this data be emphasized with recruiters? In the past two years, the majority of […]


A review of hirings and dismissals for August 2022 – little change in employment last month

According to the most recent data compiled by Statistics Canada’s Labor Force Survey, employment did not change significantly during the month of July. The unemployment rate stabilized at 4.9%, a record low recorded last June. The number of unemployed people was also little changed, standing at 1 million in July. Over the past month, the […]


A review of hirings and dismissals – July 2022: a decrease in employment observed

According to the latest data released by Statistics Canada’s Labor Force Survey (LFS), the number of people employed in Canada has fallen slightly over the past month. The country currently has 19,597,100 people in employment (-0.2%, compared to last month). The sectors most affected by this decline are those of services, with a decrease of […]


Occupational Burnout: Employers’ Next War Horse

A new study conducted by the CSA Group shows that creating a national standard will make it possible to deploy more measures aimed at reducing the stress and burnout some workers experience. At present, cases of burnout in this country are skyrocketing. Today’s working environments and conditions are believed to be contributing to this increase […]

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Some Tips for Handling Delicate Conversations Better

Whether it’s announcing the elimination of a position or raising the inappropriate behaviour of an employee, HR professionals have to be tactful to effectively manage conversations that can sometimes be rather delicate. What attitudes and strategies do they need to adopt? Open the conversation calmly A consultant for a firm that specializes in human resources […]

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Companies Innovating Through Employee Creativity

In the current working world, where technology is gaining in importance, creativity remains one of the human skills essential to the success of a company. What strategy can be adopted to stimulate it more in boosting employee creativity? With the constant development of new technologies, companies have to reinvent themselves to meet the competition. According […]

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Job search: make it personal

To find a job adapted to your needs and abilities, it’s essential to personalize your cv. But what aspects should you focus on to pique the interest of the recruiter? An expert answers us. In response to a job offer, an employer can often receive more than a hundred applications. The CV and cover letter […]

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Negative Atmosphere at Work? Here’s How to Fix It!

When a company goes through a bad phase, or during a period of layoffs, a negative atmosphere can sometimes descend on a workplace. How can a good mood be encouraged on the job? Lower morale, reduced productivity or lack of motivation – there can be many adverse effects resulting from a negative atmosphere in the […] network