Young people and seniors: a difficult job search according to 8 Canadians out of 10

Finding a job the suits our expectations is more difficult for young people and seniors. At least this is what a great majority of Canadian workers think as interviewed by the last Workmonitor survey conducted by Randstad.

Would the labour market be more severe with young people and those with more experience? That’s what most Canadian workers seem to think. According to the results identified in Randstad’s Workmonitor survey, 86% think that it is difficult for young people under age 25 to find a job that suits them. Similarly, 89% believe that it is difficult for people aged 55 and over to find a job that meets their expectations. In this context, a large majority of Canadians also think that young people and older people tend to accept positions that are below their skill levels. According to the results obtained, 86% believe that young workers accept such positions and 77% in the case of seniors.

An indispensable marriage
Despite this rather pessimistic view, workers surveyed remain convinced of the interest in hiring such candidates. 78% of them believe that it is good for a company to hire young employees and 66% think so for seniors. There are many interests for both categories. Young workers are more comfortable with new technologies and current industry trends, adapt quickly and often show innovation. More experienced workers bring a certain stability and extensive knowledge of their area of expertise. It is an indispensable marriage in a competitive economy.

A more nuanced vision
American workers appear to be somewhat more optimistic on the question of employment for young people. Comparatively, 64% of them think that it’s difficult for those under 25 years to find a suitable job. On the other hand, their position on the question of employment of seniors is similar to their neighbours.

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