Workopolis launches a recruitment service

Beginning at the end of May, Workopolis is offering a new service called Scout to facilitate the work of recruitment and relieve personnel departments from the stress inherent in selecting candidates.

Scout is a practically global recruitment service, ranging from defining the position to screening of candidates. In addition to the traditional services of Workopolis (posting on multiple employment sites, searching a database of candidates), customers will thereby benefit from other services, including direct access to a recruitment specialist.

Kelly Dixon, president of Workopolis, is proud that her business is the first in the industry to provide “qualified candidates” to human resources professionals. It is therefore meeting the difficulties expressed by companies (especially SMEs who do not necessarily have internal resources) for which recruitment currently creates stress and loss of time.
This service is currently only offered in Ontario and Alberta.

With a job market that remains fragile, Workopolis is depending on this new service to increase its revenues by offering screening at an affordable cost. Faced with a similar context, Monster in the United States took a different approach and has undertaken a number of initiatives intended to increase its traffic, in particular by taking on TalentBin which lets it increase its exposure directly to passive candidates.

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