Two-thirds of Canadians believe that their job has changed their life

Canadian employees are often emotionally attached to their work, most often in a positive way. Yet this does not guarantee employee loyalty since nearly 40% of them would be willing to leave their current employer for a job which would change their life.


In a survey conducted by Monster Canada, 67% of Canadian employees believe that their new job has changed their life. 61% of them also say that a previous job has changed their life. Among the reasons given by employees, an increase in salary is not necessarily at the top of the list.  Rather, they mention developing new skills (86%) and an increase in self-esteem (80%). These are followed by financial improvement (70%) and a better work/life balance (65%).


It is therefore undeniable that there is an emotional connection associated with work, even though 37% of respondents believe that their jobs are simply to make ends meet and that they find fulfilment elsewhere.


Dedicated employees


Canadian employees tend rather to dedicate themselves to their work to get recognition from their employer, a factor that businesses should not disregard, according to Monster Canada. There are many criteria that could cause dissatisfied employees to change employers for a job which would change their life. 48% would be willing to make the jump for a better salary, 20% for more flexibility and a better work/life balance and 19% for personal fulfilment.


Employers therefore have much to gain by better identifying their employees' expectations and aspirations.


By Aurélie Le Caignec


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