The recruiter’s attitude, choice criteria for 76% of candidates

In a recruitment process, the selection interview represents a crucial step and the attitude adopted by the candidate can be a gage of success. But what can we say about that of the recruiter?

A recent survey shows us that the attitude of the recruiter is an important criteria for more than 75% of job-seekers. Indeed, in response to the question “what are your first criteria for accepting a job?”, the attitude of the recruiter at the selection interview features in the majority of answers. For 30, 8% of people questioned, it is very important and for 44, 9% it is important.

The 413 people who participated in this survey undertaken by Expoz visited the Job and Training fair which took place on September 27 and 28 at the Palais des congrès in Montreal. The respondents had to answer forty questions online.

In compiling the results, Expoz discovered that in response to the question “What is your first criteria for accepting a job?” the possibility of promotion was important or very important for 79% of respondents; the attitude of the recruiter at the interview or the company’s field of activities were important for 76%; the step in the career plan gathered 73% of votes; proposed salary and social benefits, 72% and the proximity to home, 70%.

The majority of people surveyed were young people: 36% were aged 25-34 and 27% aged 18-24. And the majority were graduates: 32% have a degree; 24% a college diploma and 15% hold a masters or PhD. In addition, the survey also revealed that the company’s image counts for many job-seekers. Some 83% rate the credibility of the company as important or very important and 72% take into consideration the values conveyed by the company before accepting a position there.

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