The Ontario Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) is leaving the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations.

Membership by the Ontario Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) in the CCHRA, in effect since 1994, will be coming to an end on June 30.

The adoption of Bill 32 in November 2013, guaranteeing a self-governing status to the HRPA, has undoubtedly enabled a decision to be endorsed which seems to have been on the agenda for some time now – indeed its president Philip Wilson also said that the HRPA and CCHRA have no longer fully shared the same concerns or at least have had different priorities for a number of years.

According to Mr. Wilson, this will have no effect on the 20,000 Ontario members of the HRPA nor should call into question the collaboration of Ontario with the other provinces of Canada in matters of human resources.


After the Ontario association leaves there will still be 7 provincial associations within the Council out of the 9 Canadian provincial associations, with Quebec having also left the Council in 2010.


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