The office treadmill, an asset for productivity

A study conducted at the University of Texas at Arlington, the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic shows that using a treadmill at work lets employees get physical activity and also increase their ability to perform better.


Physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle have consequences on physical and mental health, giving rise to risks of obesity and reduced life expectancy. These facts involve not only increased health expenses but also reduced employee productivity. To increase the activity of sedentary workers, an American research team therefore decided to provide 200 employees to a non-profit treadmill organization. Objective: measure the benefits of such equipment in the workplace. During the year during which the study was conducted, employees had the choice of remaining seated at their workstation, standing or walking on the treadmill put at their disposal.

Physical benefits and greater productivity

Employees burned on average 74 calories more per day with the treadmill, according to researchers’ observations. And while the people studied became more active, it would seem that they also became more productive. Their performance was measured using weekly reports prepared by themselves and their superiors and were able to take account of both qualitative and quantitative improvements.

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