The August Review of Hirings and Layoffs


A typical scenario in August: Job creations in the service sector and layoffs in the manufacturing sector. A review.





Good news for the Montreal audiovisual industry: Technicolor, the French special effects company, is in full expansion in Montreal, creating more than 200 jobs.


It’s a topsy-turvy world : A Chinese company, Beida Jade Bird, will build a plant in Saint-Bruno where we will be manufacturing alarm systems that will be sold… in China! The plant will create 70 new jobs.



The 44 McDonald's restaurants in Quebec City are on the offensive trying to attract talents in order to fight against the perceived image of “McJobs”. They are looking to fill 250 positions … and not just minimum wage jobs!           


Moncton, New Brunswick, wants to become the "world capital of sports and entertainment" with the construction of a new entertainment centre, which will create 700 jobs for the construction phase and 50 permanent jobs once it is in operation.






A hard blow to Prince Edward Island: a McCain Foods plant is closing at the end of October, resulting in the loss of 121 jobs.


Another local manufacturing SME disappears. After 42 years in business, Tapis Venture, located in Drummondville, will be ceasing its operations by November. Forty employees are expected to be laid off.


Quebec City will be loosing a company in the healthcare business. The Nobel Biocare subsidiary, a company based in Zurich that designs dental implants, will be closing, resulting in the loss of 80 skilled jobs.


After a nightmarish year following two air tragedies (flight MH370 disappearing in-flight and flight MH17 shot down in Ukraine), Malaysia Airlines has announced plans to cut more than 20% of its total workforce. According to Bloomberg, this could mean the firing of anywhere between 3,000 and 4,000 people.




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