How to Take Care of Your Employees’ “Moments of Truth”

“It’s not enough to hire the best talents, you have to put strategies in place to keep them,” says Catherine Rousseau, CHRP and guidance counsellor and HR marketing and experience strategist for the HRM Group.

 Indeed, with professional leapfrogging becoming the norm, it is increasingly difficult to keep employees. Also, it is now necessary to take action on an aspect that is just as important as recruitment: ensuring that recruits have a positive employee experience.

Why? Because if this experience is conclusive, “the employee will become the ambassador of the employer brand, as well as of the trade mark,” emphasizes Catherine Rousseau. According to her, the more positive the employee’s experience the more the employee will be engaged and mobilized, and the better the customer experience. “Be careful, the opposite is also true,” warns the HR marketing strategist, if the employee has an unpleasant experience, “he then becomes a detractor of the brand.”

Hence the importance of taking care of the employee experience, throughout the employee’s career in the organization. “It begins the moment when the person is thinking about coming to work with you and ends when they leave,” explains Catherine Rousseau.

“In his career, the employee will experience different moments of truth, moments so important that they will influence the perception the employee has of his employer,” the counsellor continues.

According to the HR strategy specialist, reception and integration, organization of the work, overall remuneration, performance management and skills development, career management and management of departures are the six transversal moments of truth that are found in all organizations. “All these moments have an impact on loyalty,” says Catherine Rouseau.

Hence the importance of maintaining HR practices that will elevate the employee experience. And it includes support of managers. “On the HR side, you have to support managers so that they get to know each other well and know the company values. You also have to help them exercise their leadership,” explains Catherine Rousseau. “Consolidating HR practices, facilitating and enhancing working life at the different moments of truth of your employees, is where you can really have an impact!”

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